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10 minutes with Tech Consultant Ryan 

To mark Techies Day, our Technical Consultant Ryan Martis shares a snapshot of what he gets up to at Demarq, what he loves most about working in the industry, and advice for others wanting to follow in his footsteps…

What sparked your interest in IT and how did you get to where you are now?

I’ve built my own computers since I was a young teen and have always loved new technology. I studied telecommunication at university, and we covered all aspects of how the internet worked. It felt like a logical transition after uni to go and work in the IT field. 

Initially I worked in an application support function for a small company in my local area. Shortly afterwards, I met one of the directors and Demarq and was intrigued by what they were doing. I was hired as a Technical Consultant focusing initially on SAS Administration. It was a steep learning curve, but Demarq’s Embarq program was an excellent way of upskilling quickly and effectively. I’ve been with Demarq for almost 6 years now and my role has evolved during that time; I’ve learned a huge range of skills including cloud admin, networking, Linux admin, scripting, automation and much more.  

What does your workday usually look like at Demarq?

I work on some of Demarq’s major accounts, ensuring our customers’ data and analytics platforms are performing as required. My day partially consists of reviewing specific client issues, depending if anything new has been raised by any users on the platforms we support. Sometimes we will see outages or performance issues that need troubleshooting and resolving. However, technology is a fast-moving industry and, at Demarq, we aim to provide pro-active support to our customers. To do this, we need to be at the cutting edge, continuously helping our customers optimise and modernise their environments. This requires ongoing training, development and research. In addition to this I will often attend video calls and meetings with customers, or with colleagues when they require my support or opinion. 

New customers and projects come in and these can include, for example, the deployment of new software/applications into existing platforms, migrations of existing platforms to new architectures that we design, or the deployment of new software into cloud.  My role will be to support the project and provide my knowledge and expertise as needed by the project manager.

What is your biggest work achievement to date with Demarq?

It’s hard to define a single instance, but my varied experience, research and training allows me to work on and troubleshoot a wide array of issues. I’d say my versatility is one of my accomplishments if that counts. 

What advice would you give to someone looking to start a career in IT?

Be curious and know that any problem you are going to face, you will be able to solve. With that mindset, you will be able to complete what needs doing and will build a career along the way. Don’t avoid hard situations – many people do, but it will likely stunt your career longer term.  

If you enjoy solving problems, critical thinking to break a problem into simpler elements and some perseverance, then you can work in this field of IT / Tech. 

What do you love most about being a techie?

You have to keep learning in order to stay relevant, which is different from many industries. The more you learn, the more you realise there is so much more to learn. Your career possibilities are vast as IT/Tech is needed almost everywhere.  

Once you build some solid technical skills, you can also apply them outside of work, to side projects like automating a home server, or controlling smart home devices.  

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